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Jupiter Owners Auto Club

A club for Jupiter enthusiasts wherever they live. (The Jupiter Owners Club for short)

Temporary Secretary is Leslie Williams,
22, Aston End Road,
Herts SG2  7EU,    UK

Jowett Car Club Americas (formerly the North American Jowett Register)
Following the untimely and much-lamented death of Ted Miller, The NAJR was continued by Ted's brother-in-law, Jupiter man Neil Belk (chassis 58), who is the new Club's chairman.
The new Club's contact e-mail is [email protected]
Anyone wishing to join should use the above e-mail.


Neil would like very much to hear from Jupiter owners anywhere in the Americas both past, present, and future.

The Jowett Car Club Ltd
Dianne Davies
152, Belper Lane
DE56 2UH

A club for Jowett owners principally but by no means exclusively in the UK.

The Jowett Car Club Ltd now has its own website

The Jowett Car Club of New Zealand (Inc) 
c/o Bryan Spragg
33 Eastfield Drive,
Lincoln 7608
New Zealand

This club also has its own website

The Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc

Elissa Rath

Secretary - Jowett Car Club of Australia Inc

1973 Gympie Road

Bald Hills, Qld 4036


Phone: +612 0418 884 438

E-mail: [email protected]



Sweden has no club as such. The resident Jowett expert in Sweden is Gustav Josefsson. They have Jupiter cars and Javelin cars in Sweden

Please: E-mail Gustav (at [email protected])


On May 23-25 1998 the big Jowett Car Club get-together took place at Bradford in Yorkshire, for Javelins, Jupiters and other Jowett cars. The event marked 75 years of the Jowett Car Club's existence:-

the world's oldest surviving One-make Car Club.

The JCC began life in 1923 as the Southern Jowett Car Club, one of several regional clubs for Yorkshire's quirky car. The SJCC, however, was the only one of these clubs to survive WWII. By the fifties it was still thriving, peopled by posh types in Javelins mostly. Owners with pre-war Jowetts were tolerated with some disdain.

Owners of the Bradford commercial or Utility (station wagon) were definitely not accepted. Jolly, friendly competitive events were held, still in the South of England. The great Jowett Rally/Le Mans driver Marcel Becquart was its president for a number of years, and the Factory offered a spares discount to paid-up members.

About 1962 it all changed. Real Jowett owners, worried about the spares situation, began to join in droves to find that the toffs running the show were still organising competitive jollies, but for non-Jowetts! They had sold their aging Javelins!

Jupiter car owners were so cheesed off they went off and formed their own club, the Jupiter Owners Auto Club - still thriving today.

Within the SJCC there followed acrimonious meetings and after some skulduggery and careful reading of the constitution there was a successful takeover. Real Jowett owners were voted in - even Bradford van owners - and ex-Jowett owners were voted out. The club voted to drop the word Southern from its name to reflect its new national and even international membership, and it became the Jowett Car Club. The trophies, the accounts, and most importantly the typewriter, stayed with the newly named Jowett Car Club, while the toffs and their modern cars went off to found a new club, called - yes - the Southern Jowett Car Club! It continued to organise competitive jollies for any make of car, but seldom for Jowetts, for many more years. The moral for all car clubs is this:

Don't let the running of your club fall into the hands of non-owners!

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