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Two Jupiters were out in Derbyshire Sunday 20 June 2004. A Midsummer Charity Road Run. Frank and Christine Woolley (left) and Martyn and Paula King (right).

Photo taken at the end of the run (in the rain!) at Renishaw Hall - by Frank Woolley

Eric Aldcroft in Canada has done an excellent job restoring his Jowett Javelin

see left 

Some time early in 2003, Tim Wheater brought the Gomm saloon Jupiter over to Edmund Nankivell at Kymer Gardens, Sussex. The Adams & Robinson saloon Jupiter was awoken from its slumbers to join in. Since this meeting, both Jupiters have been resprayed.


The silver Wait & See trophies on show at Norwich Jowett Car Club rally,
31 May to 2 June 2002.

This Richard Mead bodied Jupiter had been in storage for far, far too long.

In storage for some decades, seen here with only swallow droppings and a spare back axle to keep it company, the car was restored in time (MoT two days before the off) for the 2003 Jupitour to the Loire Valley, during which it performed faultlessly.

The Richard Mead Jupiter of John Powter as it was in July 2003 for the Jupitour to the Loire Valley. All ship-shape and Bristol fashion!!

Fourth of July jollifications in California a good few years ago. This the Jupiter of Jim Miller'

This Jupiter here it is as it was bought in 1999 prior to restoration in time for the Le Mans Jupitour in June 2000. Previous owner had the car since 1955 and used it to 1972. 

Bodywork more or less done in this very thorough restoration. Mechanical work followed.

The front of the bonnet always needs a lot of careful and sensitive work due to the narrow sections.

This Jupiter appears to have been carved almost entirely from wood ! Oh yes ??

Here is a photo taken during the 1987 Pirelli Jupitour to Le Mans, at a hostelry near the circuit. Dennis Sparrow (white shirt) is in the foreground. The green Jupiter was the first Jupiter to drive round the circuit since 1952.

But then, in June 2001, the restored R1 actually RACED around that famous circuit! 

This is what the Jupiter of Mike Allfrey looked like in its container on the way to the UK from Australia (Spring 2000). Normally it would have been steam cleaned on departure and arrival.   
ray_win.jpg (24997 bytes) The newly restored Jupiter of New Zealander Ray Win.

He purchased it fully dismantled and incomplete in November 1995. It had not run for many a long year, but it is now in excellent order visually and mechanically. It took Ray and colleague Peter McKendry three years to rebuild the car, carrying out all the work themselves except chrome plating!

Picture and story from the Newsletter of the New Zealand Jowett Club.

dundrjp1.jpg (40549 bytes) This shot is taken before the start of the 1951 RAC-TT International race at Dundrod, near Belfast in Northern Ireland.

No 46 was the car driven by Tommy Wise to Class second - the same car (after a rebuild) that had won its class at Le Mans the year before. Behind can be seen the nose of HAK 366, the ultimate class winner 

driven by Bert Hadley.

It was a difficult and demanding circuit, unforgiving in that it was bounded by hard banks, ditches, and stone walls. It required skill and judgment rather than the desire to drive fast.

croft1.jpg (14921 bytes)

Frank Woolley racing at the small Yorkshire circuit of Croft, Spring 1999.

croft2.jpg (13915 bytes)

Mike Smailes showing the view of his Jupiter he prefers other competitors to see - at the same Spring 1999 race meeting at Croft.

This car was then (winter 2000/2001) resprayed Red


  Mike Smailes in the Ilkley Rally of 6th April 2003. his Jupiter now re-sprayed red

 Mike Smailes (left) with Ib Rasmussen, who had decided to buy the car and take it back to Denmark for more competition work
Hardtop removed, Ib Rasmussen racing in Denmark with the car wearing the famous number from Le Mans 1950
Jupiter as bought by Huntley Perry of Maryland, USA, in 1973. It then went into storage for a quarter of a century. before restoration

Huntley Perry was the first really distant Jupiter owner to commit to the Le Mans 50/2000 run. But first the Jupiter has to be professionally restored.

Treasured Motorcars of Reistertown, Maryland, took on the task which included taking the body off the chassis. Here  partially reassembled, work on engine and suspension is in progress. The neighbours of the Jupiter in the workshop included an Abarth Double Bubble, a Cisitalia, and a Bandini.

Finished Jupiter Europe-ready...
...with correct toolkit laid out
A Jupiter early in its life. The badge bar was essential wear in the nineteen-fifties, the hard top less common.

The same car took a  wrong turning on a warm spring day on the 24th of April 1960. This crash is through the railings near Barrs Court Railway station in Hereford. Photo is in the archive of Derek Evans FRPS FRSA

Until recently nothing more was known of this Jupiter - except..that


this is the car when owned by Lawrence Thomas which he bought AFTER the accident of 24 April 1960 - in fact he bought it on 17 January 1961.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet and E-mail, here is another shot of  Lawrence Thomas (an inspector with the Gloster Aircraft Co) with his Jupiter.
A nicely restored low mileage Mk1 Jupiter with a Mk1a Jupiter in front of it. 
Robbie Mackenzie-Low racing in the class for 1500cc saloons at Goodwood on 2 May 1953.

Hardtop was specially made by W M Park of Kew, London, in order to allow participation in saloon car events.

This car survives in running order although the whereabouts of the pink hardtop is uncertain.

Dr Nileshwar took his Jupiter to India with him for a couple of years in the nineteen-seventies. It is pictured here in Madras. He brought the Jupiter back to England and it is now restored and looking good as new.

Sandwiched between the Healey and the Jupiter is the fastest Jowett-powered vehicle ever built:

It is the yelloe car which is the supercharged Wylie-Javelin single-seater - owner Joe Caudo.

Jaak Jacobs, of Peer, Belgium, poses with his multi-award-winning Jupiter (in both rally and concours events).
He is successfully completed another total-restoration Jupiter project.

Naughty but nice...this mean-looking much modified Jupiter has an Olds V8 fitted. Where is the car now? Somewhere in the 'States - tell me, someone!

Here is another view of the much-modified beauty. This is a later photo than the one above, with a respray to a lovely blue in progress Still no news from the US about this car - come on, someone!
Another lost Jupiter. It was under restoration in Johannesburg, South Africa about 1980-ish.


Here is the beautifully restored Jupiter of New Zealander Leo Bolter, with visiting Aussie Jupiter owners Mr and Mrs Maddocks.

The Nankivell's Jupiter NNK 560 regains original shape in Julian Parker's panel shop. Unexplained bulge over the driver's side headlamp is smoothed out, after hours of skilled attention. The wing awaits more panel beating.

This Jupiter belongs to Noel Stokoe, JCC and JOAC Press Officer. It is pictured here on the Whitby Promenade, June 1998.

Whitby is in Yorkshire, where Captain Cook set sail from and Dracula arrived!!!

Not the Whitby of the Synod of that name (held in 664 which saw off the Celtic church) apparently.


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