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blue Jowett Jupiter
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Je suis Nicois...bien sur...

Vive la France ! Fraternite - Liberte !

Aussi - vive les Bleus !!

Edmund Nankivell's  Award-winning 2016 edition of the book: The Jowett Jupiter - the Car that Leaped to Fame
is now available!
Hugely, gigantically updated and improved over the 1981 version.
This one is published by Veloce - publisher of fine automotive books
It is  listed  on Amazon - and on Wordery: google for their website and search "Jowett Jupiter"
Prices vary but some are less than 30 quid GB
A knowledgable correspondent wrote, unsolicited:- "congratulations on another magnum opus.
A magnificent book superbly presented.
You must and should be very proud of it, and Veloce have done a splendid job as one might expect they would.
I've read it through once, and after a bit of rest I will read it all over again
For the full book list click here
Here is Edmund Nankivell receiving from Angus Bell the JOAC Founder Stan Blyther Award for the book
at the Jupiter Owners Auto Club 2016 Buxton gathering:
Nankivell gets trophy for book
And in 2020 and 2021 Edmund Nankivell was awarded JOAC's Reg Korner Trophy !

Good to mention some of the genius figures who havce done truly wonderful things for Jupiters:-
Ted Miller, Jim Miller, Scott Renner, Derek Chambers, Philip Dingle amongst USA wonder-men
Malcolm Bergin amongst splendid Jupiter people in New Zealand
plus Mike Allfrey in Australia, and in GB Drummond Black, Dennis Sparrow, Richard Gane, Simon Wood,
Pat Lockyer, Graham Berry, Chris Spencer. Let me know of more !!

the orginal Javelin-Jupiter Workshop Manual of 1947/1953 is again available,
reprinted for Autobooks by Brooklands Books.
You should be able to find it on Amazon 

MB Restorations have their own website,
They are a skillful company based - yes - in Bradford, Yorkshire that in 2018 did a splendid restoration on a Jupiter

There is a smart running Jupiter now owned by a Russian museum - driven occasionally.
Our thanks to Jaak Jacobs for finding it. See this photo below:-
Jowett Jupiter in Russia

It is well-known that Gerry Palmer designed the Jowett Javelin saloon car just after WW2,
and the Jupiter used many of its components.
Bruce Polain raced a Javelin in Australia's Bathurst circuit in 1957 and was recorded at 85mph
with just a standard 50BHP engine.
Bruce Polain  tells us  he has learned that - although Palmer had no access to a wind-tunnel,
years later a Javelin was assessed at 0.38 which is almost a match for the E-type Jaguar !
Jowett Javelin motor-car

Two scale-models of standard Jupiters are available modetly priced from Oxford Diecast

Jowett Jupiter model J&M

Another company making Jupiter models is GRAND PRIX MODELS including several of the R1. They now have models of all the Jupiters in Le Mans 1950 to 1952  - so google it. 

A very nice red SA Jupiter diecast model  is to become available from Grand Prix Models modestly priced

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Why not follow Edmund Nankivell on Twits-here, on Handbook, and of course on Whobute


On 1st July 2021 Edmund Nankivell (left)
was presemted with the
Jupiter Owners Auto Club annual Reg Korner Trophy
by Dave Stimpson (right). Dave is the Chairman of the Jupiter Owners Auto Club
Edmund Nankivell receives Jupiter Club's award

Some splendid people who have done (are doing) superb things for Jupiters include
in the USA - Ted Miller, Jim Miller Scott Renner, Derek Chambers, Philip Dingle
Malcolm Bergin has done great things for New Zealand Jupiter people, and Mike Allfrey in Australia.
Others include Pat Lockyer, Drummond Black, Richard Gane, Simon Wood, Dennis Sparrow, Craig Ainge, Pete Dixon
Your suggestions welcomed !

Here below is Peter Dixon's superbly, accurately, restored Jowett Jupiter Type R1
Here it is on display at the London Classic Car show at Syon Park 25 to 27 June 2021.
This R1 Jupiter won the 1500cc class at Le Mans in 1952
Jowett Jupiter R1  displayed Syon Park June 2021

                                                   This image, below, was found in the New Zealand Jowett Club's magazine Flat Four for June/July 2021
                                          You will notice four Jupiters on the left, plus the Jupiter chassis in the centre:-
                                                 Jupiters at classoc car event in New Zealand

                                                                                         Below:- the cover photo of Auto Sportsman magazine of August 1953
                                                                                                                             Jowett Jupiter with swimwear couple

Jowett Jupiter very good condition

Above:- This Jupiter is offered by Classic Car Auctions at The London Classic Car Show Sale on 26th June 2021

Below:- the interior of a Jupiter that found its way to Poland in 2012  - originally from the  USA

and has been brilliantly restored by classc-car specialist Mikek Stefaniak of Lodz in central Poland

Jowett Jupiter restored in Poland

Below:- This gorgeous blue Jupiter is a special-bodied variant constructed by the coachbuilder Rawson.

The coachbuilder Rawson bodied four  Jupiters - this is their first - and this and another two of the four survive.

Its first owner was Sir Hugh Bell (the father of racing-driver Derek Bell) who was the very first private-owner of a Jowett Jupiter.

This one was sold (1 April 2021) at a Brightwells auction, vendor  hoping for GB45,000quid to GB50,000quid

but the "sale price" was a reasonable price for a Jupiter - GB35,795.quid of which Brightwells costs were  GB3,835quid

Special-bodied Jupiter by coachbuilkder Rawsom

This red Jupiter below, a very late Mk1a, as of 2019 was in a workshop in France - named Cahors Auto Retro

As of March 2021 all work completed and the car for sale,its  French owner looking for  38,000 Euros

Jowett Juoiter in worksop in France

Red Jupiter below shows John Holloway & Sue parading through Auckland, New Zealand, in their Jupiter 
with an exact silver replica of the America's Cup in 2000 when that yachting series was won by New Zealand.

Jowett Jupiter in New Zealand

Also in New Zealand in 2020 this Jupiter is under careful restoration,
but now may be for sale as its restorer has decided to quit.
Jowett Jupiter in new Zealand under restoration

This (photo below) is a very early Jupiter has been in France since originally sold in December 1950. It has the strakes as the very early competition Jupiters had - it is the only non-Factory-competition Jupiter to have the strakes on its sides so it is a very important Jupiter which has had some successful rally results in France
It is a running car currently undergoing some machanical work in a garage in Lot-et-Garonne, south-west France.
This Classic-car garage is operated by a Welshman
Jupiter very early, nr 17

Below: recently found, this image of a Jupiter under expert restoration in Brazil
Company name R&E Restauracoes of Sao Paulo
It was shipped new to Brazil, and its history is known back to 1977
Jowett Jupiter under professional restoration in Brazil 2020

This ex-USA Jupiter came to Britain c. 2000 in need of restoration. Much work done  2008-2013
Now owned by a Briton who lives and works in Zurich so that is where he is taking it to, as of January 2021
Some more finishing work still needed
Jowett Jupiter on tow going to Switzerland from GB

An interesting Mk1a Jupiter is under restoration by Tony Young
Its first owner W E R Pitt drove it in the August 1963 London to Languedoc Rally
Jowett Jupiter Mk1a under restoration in 2020

In October 2020 we learned
with great sadness of the passing of Dr John Blaze.
He acquired his Jupiter in 1972  and joined JOAC to be Liason officer 1973 to 1977, becoming Vice-chair in 1983
and always attending Jupiter gatherings wherever.

He was an excellent piano, harpsochord and organ player which meant he was also excellent
at making small but needed components for Jupiter interiors such as woodrim steering wheels and door tops.
As a knowlegeable engineer he had access to a good workshop.
In 2017 he suffered a stroke from which he did not recover.
A truly great multi-talented Jupiter-man who is sorely missed

It was also with great sadness that in July 2020 we learned of the sudden passing of long-time Jupiter-man Tom Chapman
He was a marvellous character of good humour and a jolly nature, but also a superb editor of the JOAC magazine
"By Jupiter" for many years and as a superb craftsman he did top-class restoration work on three standard Jupiters
so he had a lovely running Jupiter OTB 73 often seen at meetings.
He was a kind, generous and very helpful man who will be greatly missed by Jupiter Club members and his family.

One of his top-class Jupiter projects was the superb full restoration on an Abbott-bodied FHC Jupiter
- see photo below -
which is now an exhibit in the Hellenic Motor Museum in Athens, Greece.
Abbott-bodied Jowett Jupiter restored by Tom Chapman

The French film-star Alain Delon in his very first film was driving - yes!  a Mk1a Jupiter
Google Quand La Femme Sen Mele  filmed in 1957
[When the woman gets involved, or meddles...]
In London, England, there is even a Jupiter Hot Club !
Yes 2020 is the Jupiter's 70th !  In 1950 on March 27th the first complete Jupiter was ready after 14 weeks of strenuous effort
This - even though the chassis, originally designed at ERA, had been around since mid-1949
And of course at the 1950 Le Mans 24-hour race June 24-25 a Jupiter won its class ahead of an MG
And by November 1950  the first two production batches of five Jupiters per batch had been completed
Jowett Jupiter 70th anniversary Jowett Jupiter at 70

This lovely Jupiter sold to new owner in California from Vancouver
Jowett Jupiter restored in vancouver by 2019

Photo below - this is Jezebel !
Jowett Jupiter in New Zealand getting standard maintenance early 2020
This lovely New Zealand well-restored Jupiter was bought in 2010 by Bunty Condon and she loves driving it to meetings etc
Here - above - it is receiving standard maintenance work by other New Zealanders

Recently arrived, a photo (below) of an early-restored Jupiter. Bought by Alvin Smith from a breaker's yard in 1959 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Its very poor condition reversed and it was on the road and in use by 1963.
Still an extremely nice running car after further restoration.
Often seen at meetings in the south of England
Jowett Jupiter in 1963 after its restoration

Ib Rasmussen of Denmark drove his Jupiter in the 16th to 19th May
2019 Mille Miglia for classic cars
Here below is his Jupiter photographed in Brescia in northern Italy
Jowett Jupiter in Mille Miglia classic cars 2019

Below: seen in the New Zealand Jowett magazine Flat Four Oct/Nov 2019, this image of CDR3
which is a Jupiter replica cleverly built in NZ on a modified CD Bradford chassis

Jowett Jupiter replica on CD Bradford chassis

Here below is a photo of Jupiter chassis 423 in Poland under slow but thorough professional restoration.
Piotr Nowakowski imported from the USA to Poland three very "project" Jupiters and they are being very well restored there.
Jowett Jupiter chassis under prefessional restoration in Poland 2019

Jupiter Owners Auto Club AGM
of August 2019 held a big meeting was at Market Harborough
Jowett Jupiters meet at Market harborough in 2019
See below,
here at Market Harborough we saw the beautiful blue Jupiter of Len and Sue Peach
(as well as the whizzo blue Jupiter of Richard Gane)
As Huddie Ledbetter (aka Lead Belly) sang:- Good morning blues, blues how do you do?
                                               I'm doing all right, good morning, how are you?

Jowett Jupiter restyored and running well
Jowett Jupiter well-restored seen 2019

See below the Bob Mooney Jupiter at the August 25th 2019 on Heathfield Common, the Classic Car Show,
Wakefield, Yorkshire.
Another Jupiter was there plus a Jowett 8
Jowett Jupiter at a classic car show in Wakefield

Here below is Patricia Le Mercier with her Jupiter in Brittany some time summer 2019
Jowett Jupiter in Brittany summer 2019

The bandleader Les Jowett of the Les Jowett Jazz Seven was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, in 1925
On this EP of 1957 his band consisted of  Mike Collier trombone, Stu Emsley clarinet & alto sax, Bernie Waterman piano, Geoff Berry guitar, Roy Evenett bass
and Dickie Neaves, drums
Les Jowett 7 jazzband EP

Les Jowett took up playing the cornet at the age of 15 and was soon playing in brass bands around Bradford.
He studied at Cambridge University, London School of Economics and became a lecturer in Social Studies
at  Luton then at Brighton Tech. All the while playing jazz. He started his own band in Brigton in 1956

From rural France or Belgium in 2019 - here is Claude Bernard's very nice Jupiter ready for an event
Jowett Jupiter in France or Belgium in 2019 owner Belgian

And here is Claude Bernard at the wheel in the same event
Jowett Jupiter in classic car event in Belgium in 2109

30th June 2019
at Brands Hatch - Harry Naeger driving his Jupiter. Photo Terry Jacob
Jowett Jupiter at Brands hatch June 2019

The Jim Miller "Stars and Stripes" Jupiter (which in 2000 attended the Le Mans Jupitour 2000)
may still be active and seen around California
Jowett Jupiter in USA's flag livery

This very important B.R.G. Jupiter (below) was auctioned in September 2019 at Monteira in Portugal -
its buyer paid 28,750 euros for it.
The Jupiter was just one of 127 cars in the Saragga Collection that was auctioned by Sothebys in its entirety
It is the only in-era Jupiter to have won an International Rally outright - the 1951 Lisbon Rally -
its owner/driver was Joaquim Nogueira
Jowett Jupiter
Joewett Jupiter interior

Below:- About 450 vehicles were at the Southern Classics meeting at the Bluebell Line, Horsted Keynes, GB
on the 9th of June 2019
where (photo below) the Jowett Jupiter of Tony Gunton came first in the  "Pride of Ownership" contest
Jowett Jupiter 

Simon and Silvie Ray with their imaginatively designed  Special-bodied Jupiter built by Simon's Dad during 1990-2000
Seen here at the Wheel Nuts Classic Car Show at Stroud 5th May 2019
Jowett Jupiter with modern special body fitted 2000

Below: the Richard Keil lovely Jupiter at a recent Jowett Car Club meeting in GB
Jowett Jupiter engine bay

The Former GAP 6, now KAS 147, has had its restoration completed in 2019 under the skilled hands of owner Tony Gunton
jowett Jupiter dash panel

Thanks to Bunty Condon, here is an image of three
New Zealand Jupiters attending Upper Hutt Jowett gathering April 2019
Far right is the CDR3 - a brilliant Jupiter-like conversion of one of Jowett's CD Bradfords that had migrated to NZ
Jowett Jupiters in New Zealand April 2019

Below: -
the Jupiter of Classic Car man Werner Peeters
Jowett Jupiter under restoration in Belgium April 2019
It had a thorough restoration in Belgium with the help of Jaak Jacobs
It had been rescued from the bed of a stream in California many years ago then found its way to Belgium,
so it was a very demanding restoration.

Below:- Dog Rath with his grandson Tom, now 15 in 2019, in Doug's competition Jupiter
When raced at Bathurst in 1957 the driver of the Jupiter was very surprised to record 86 mph with just a standard 50 bhp engine.
Have just learnt that although Gerald Palmer had no access to a wind tunnel at the time (nor would the budget have permitted) - years later the car was assessed at a C.D. of 0.38 � almost a match for the E-type Jaguar.
Jowett Jupirwe in competition mode

Founded in 1983, the Harviestoun Brewery of Clackmannanshire, Scotland have named one of their five bottled beers Old Engine Oil
Legend has it that Old Engine Oil was dedicated to their Head Brewer - his love of classic cars.
But maybe it is the rich, dark, chocolatey viscosity that reveals the real inspiration behind the name
They do another bottled beer (quite strong as beers go) called Old Dubh which is Scotish Gaelic for Black Oil.

At the March 2019 UK Practical Classics Restoration of classic cars show at Birmingham's  NEC exhibition
on view was the Jupiter that Chris Spencer who is a brilliant Jupiter restorer, is to restore

Jowett Jupiter for restoration at a show
Jowett Jupiter for restoration at a show in 2019

At the centre of the town of Peer in Belgium, the home-town of Jaak Jacobs, at the 'Cars & Coffee' they have
every Thursday from April to September:-
CCFP classic car gatherings (CCFP is 'Classic Car Friends Peer')
However, on Thursday the 30th May 2019, they held their 2nd "CCFP goes the English Way
Here (below left) is Jupiter owner-restorer Jaak Jacobs himself - with a sponsor of their very large and important events

Joqwett Jupiter owner Jaak Jacobs on the left
The slogan at the top reads "You cannot describe the passion - you can only live it"

Doug Rath had detected aYoutube filming of Racing Jupiters - including and an interview with Richard Gane
and film of his Jupiter racing

Line up of 3 Jowett Jupiters on display with the New Zealand Jowett Car Club, Northern Branch, 
at British & Euro Car Show, Pakuranga. on Sunday 3rd March 2019.
Hot sunny day. Hundreds of impressive cars. Enjoyed by more than 10,000 people.

Bunty Condon's Jupiter in the forefront. Image thanks to Bunty

Three Jowett Jupiter in NZ event

Two Jupiters at the Belgravia Park Classic car event of 2018:- the blue R1 Jupiter of Pete Dixon and Dennis Sparrow,
and the standard but powerful red Jupiter of Jon Root
R1 Jupiter and standard Jowett Jupiter at belgravia event 2018

At the above 2018 Begravia event this drawing of the R1 Jupiter was sketched by quirky artist Robbie MacGregor
Coloured blue by Pete Dixon
Jupiter R1 drawing by Robbie MacGregor

At Peer in Belgium, home-town of Jupiter-man Jaak Jacobs
every Thursday in the summer months there is a meeting of classic cars at a coffee-bar named Cars and Coffee.

Here below is an image from Australia taken in November 2018 - thanks to Doug Rath for this Facebook photo -
his Jupiter is the white one.
This was the Club Run to Queensland's Woodford Narrow-gauge railway
followed by a lovely lunch at the Woodford Gardens restaurant

Jowett Jupiters in Australia summer 2018 meeting

The Switzerland Jowett gathering of 28th to 30th September 2018 has been and gone.
Andy Jackson reports: there were many nationalities attending, very convivial and a nice mix of Javelins and Jupiters,
with superb weather and programme of visits. Here is a photo of the Jupiter of Guert Kampert of the Netherlands:-
Joqwett Jupiter in Switzerland Sept 2018

Goodwood Classic Car event September 7th to 9th 2018 had a Jupiter racing and at least one other Jupiter there.
Left:- the Jupiter of John Chevers raced by John Arnold.                       Right:- Jupiter veteran Keith Clements was there with                                                                                      his lovely Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter racing at Goodwood in classic car event
Jowett Jupiter at Goodwood 2018

Well, Classic Le Mans 2018 has been and gone (7th-8th July) but the Jupiter of Richard Gane, with co-driver Kevin Zwolinski, after various troubles had two good races.
These races were for "Plateau 2" which were for cars built between 1949 and 1956 - irrespective of engine capacity
The contest included night racing; in their two races they finished 17th and 20th overall, 
but both amounted to Class Wins for 1500cc cars.

Below:- Richard Gane driving successfully his blue Jupiter wearing the number 32.  Photo Keith Clements

Jowett Jupiter blue coloured in 2018 Classic Le Mans

Below - Richard Gane's fast racing Jupiter, this picture taken recently at Donnington

Jowett Jupiter, a modern racing Jupiter

In the far-east island Macau, vintage car lovers have a rendezvous in 2018 on Saturday September 1st at Fishermans Wharf,
where a collection of 50 cars aged 20 years old or more will be showcased
The oldest model being exhibited, this Jowett Jupiter, belongs to the racing driver who started the project with Mr Lam. 
This is Jupiter E2 SA 285R

Jowett Jupiter in a Macau show in 2018

Jupiters seen in Yorkshire at the JOAC August 2018 meeting at Helmsley
Jowett Jupiter meeting in Yorkshire in 2018

Seen at Goodwood on 5th August the 2018 (Classic Car Sunday) the Jupiter that for many years was GAP 6
Brilliantly-made coachbuilt close replica of standard SA Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter at Goodwood August 2018

See (below) an Aston Martin car released in 1948 but only 15 made.
First called  the Aston Martin 2-litre Sports car, then the DB1
Have we seen a similar style of car somewhere else?
Aston Martin DB1

Jon Root took his lovely red Jupiter to the 17th June 2018 St Johns Wood Classic Car & Supercar pageant.

Here below is Richard Keil and his Jupiter at the Goodwood Classic Car event in 2017
It was on display on the Michelin stand
Jowett Jupiter at Goodwood classic car event 2017

Seen here below Richard's Jupiter showing off the Dennis Sparrow engine
at London's St Johns Wood "The Ivy" brasserie
Jowett Jupiter at North London brasseie

The 1952 Le Mans class-winning R1 appeared at the 2018 London Concours 7th & 8th June 2018
It was a "display of some of the worlds finest cars in the intimate setting of the gardens of the Honourable Artillery Company"
Address:  Armoury House, City Road, London  EC1  2BQ

Photo below shows this special-bodied Jupiter's extensive professional restoration now virtually complete

- the car is running and on the road.

All thanks to Graham Berry's efforts! The Jupiter's first owner was Sir Hugh Bell, father of racing driver Derek Bell.

Jowett Jupiter special body

It was registered on 7th December 1950 probably the first privately-owned Jupiter to take to the road.

Thanks to Jaak Jacobs, Edmund Nankivell found this image (below) on the web page for the Cars & Coffee website.
Classic cars gather there, in Peer, Belgium, weekly
We have here one of the 4 beauties from the girl band Rock and Dolls that performed there in May 2018 sitting in the Jaak Jacobs lovely red Jupiter
Jowett Jupiteer with pretty girl at the wheel

In the middle of May 2018 the Chichester MG Car Club organsied a tour all the way from the South Coast
of GB
up to the North of Scotland. Here at John O' Groats are a few of them plus the Jupiter that also took the full tour
Jowett Jupiter at John O' Groats Scotland in May 2018

Below: two items from Australian Jowett Club magazine By Jove of May
First the Mike Allfrey Jupiter at a British and other European Cars show at Yarra Glen racecourse 25/02/2018
Jowett Jupiter at Australian show Feb 2018

now a quote from none other than Oxford Don and Professor of Greek, a certain Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893)
The real measure of wealth is how much we would be worth if we lost all our money

Here is the Jupiter of Roger & Kim Chaplin, looking good !
Jowett Jupiter restored

Thanks to Keith Clements we have this picture (below) of Chris Spencer's recent acquisition
pictured here at Birmingham's NEC Restoration Show 23-25 March 2018
Jowett Jupiter at NEC restoation show 2018

On 14th May 2018 members of the Chichester MG Owners Club set off for a week-long tour of Scotish highlands
mostly in their MGs.
They followed the route of the "North Coast 500". But MG-owner Tony Gunton will take his Jupiter...see below !
The tour went to Tarbert (15th May), Plockton (16th May), Bettyhill (17th May) and on to John O' Groats on the 18th
to meet up with
the Highlands MG Owners Club -
 - dining with them later at Inverness -  then the cars dispersed back various ways home.
NB The rally plate was fixed properly before the 'off'

Jowett Jupiter

Jowett Jupiter chassis

In the USA this Devin-bodied Ford-powered special, on a standard Jupiter chassis and largely Jupiter suspension,
was available on eBay with the owner wanting US$9,900 - auction ended 19/2/2018 with it sold.
Jupiter chassis nr 837 gave up its chassis for this car in 1956.
Photos show the speedometer and rev-counter are from the Jupiter - maybe more instruments!
The car went to owners in Paraguay
Devin special
It still has its Jowett metal-bushed front suspension - and Jupiter wheels !! How nice if it gets its Jupiter power back !!

In New Zealand, Bunty Condon's colourful Jupiter she likes to call Jezebel, which some define as
"an impudent, shameless, unrestrained woman"

Jowett Jupiter in NZ
Jowett Jupiter in NZ

Another mystery - A vinyl LP record came out in 1988 - also available on cassette!
At least it had songs by the Jazz great singers Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald !! May still be available !!

Jowett Jupiter on an LP sleeve

Photo found on Facebook - this Jupiter is familiar to Edmund Nankivell but he can't place it - please help him !!!
Jowett Jupiter

Richard Keil located a web-advert for this Jupiter, for sale in Ithaca, New York State, looking for $2500.
Scott Renner had a difficult conversation with the vendor...
...who claimed this LHD Jupiter was never registered or titled in the USA.
He said he has its VIN but would not declare it.
It has apparently VW front suspension and non-Jowett rear wheels, no engine, no interior.

Jowett Jupiter basket case found
Jowett Jupiter basket case found

Thanks to Jaak Jacobs we have identified a smart running Jupiter now owned by a car museum in Gorskoye, Russia.
It was new in Australia and rallied and raced there in Historic car events before moving to the Netherlands
then Germany and now Russia.
The Kamyshmash Museum lets out a small number of its cars to the nearby restaurant "La Colline"
where the Jupiter may be ensconced.
Jowett Jupiter in Russia
Jowett Jupiter in Russia at restaurant
Left:Jupiter with Museum registration plate.                                                      Right: Jupiter at the "La Colline" restaurant

There are several lady owner-drivers of Jupiters although a minority of course.
Dr Lorna Jowett is a University Lecturer and owner driver...
...and here, below, is Sandra Kessell in her Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter with lady owner

The November 5th 2017 annual London-to Brighton Veteran Car Run came and went.
Craig Ainge photographed the Jupiter of the Holroyds at the Pease Pottage services on the A23
Jowett Jupiter
All other Jupiter owners watched the veteran cars go by at the former Black Lion, Patcham,
now re-named the Miller & Carter Steakhouse.
Jonathan Root was there with his lovely red Jupiter
(with Dennis Sparrow).
Also were Mike and Sue Hoyle from Southampton,
Allan Ayres and Trudie from Canterbury, and Danny Nash and Edmund & Ghislaine Nankivell.
There was also a lovely green Javelin

Here below is the Jupiter of Brian Holmes at his Queensland, Australia home
Jowett Jupiter

Jaak Jacobs - our ever-so-keen Belgian Jupiter owner - shows he is still young at heart !!
Jaak says Originally, I wanted to buy a Morgan,
but in a flea-market I found a book about Jowett - it was love !!

Shortly after I saw in a newspaper a 1951 Jupiter for sale which I bought in 1984.
It is the Jupiter in the picture below

Jowett Jupiter in Belgium

A video has appeared on Facebook showing Leo Bolter driving his Jupiter to an Australian supermarket carpark.
Here is a shot from it...many thanks to Jupiter owner Bunty Condon for it:-
Jowett Jupiter

Below:| New Zealanders do go for colourful Jowetts!
The Jupiter on the left is the one owned by Bunty Condon.
It won the Jowett Club of New Zealand Northern Branch 92 mile fuel economy run on 3 Sept 2017 with 39.07 mpg
Jowett Jupiter in NZ

A JCC meeting of Jowetts was held at the Egerton Arms, Astbury near Congleton GB early September 2017
Jowett Jupiter

Here are two images of Jupiters with their bonnet raised. Standard Jupiter (left) and Richard Mead Jupiter (right)
Jowett Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter Mead body

Here is a Jupiter restoration image found on Facebook, we know the restoration workshop is at Novol in Poland
Jowett Jupiter in Poland

In Baughurst, Hampshire, England, there is a very active classic car bodywork/respray workshop,
where Jupiters are restored, and much else.
Here are a couple of photos of recent Jupiters under restoration.
As I write this there are a good eight other cars in work including 2 Jaguars. Well done Chris Spancer !!
Jowett Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter

And now for something completely different: the Jowett Flat 4-powered supercharged Wylie single-seater
 being raced at Australia's Seaforth circuit by Bruce Polain some years ago - the fastest ever Jowett-powered car

Wyle with powerful Jowett engine

Photo from Jupiter-man Greg Jackson on the road back from the JCC big 2017 meeting in Scotland
Jowetts at Peebles on a run

Nicked off the internet - Vintage Car Hire of Cheshire & South Manchester.
Edmund Nankivell  likes the dress of the bride !!

Jowett Jupiter wedding car

Images found by chance, the "Killajoule" speedy electric motorcycle - 270mph recorded.
Designed, built and driven by Eva Hakansson - that's her in the photo.
Killajoule fast special
Why is it here? because it is built on a Chromium-Molybdenum lightweight steel tube frame just like all Jowett Jupiters !!
Killajoule speed record car

Charles Bryant's Jupiter E2 SA 544R under restoration at Horsfield & Son, Wallace Springs Garage, Halifax (GB)
and as of June 2017 nearly completed
Jowett Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter chassis

On 28th May 2017 Chris Freudenberg drove to Chinnor in Oxfordshire (the two photos below)
to meet friends and join other old cars in the station car park, of  the Chinnor to Princes Risborough 5-mile steam railway

Jowett Jupiter
Steam locomotive well preserved

The Jupiter of Peter and Christina Tribble at the 2017 JCC Peebles Jowett gathering - from the Tribble Facebook posting!
Jowett Jupiter at Peebles in 2017

Below: two photos of the Alastair Gregg Jupiter outside a 1950s American Diner, at the village of Church Gresley,
near Burton-on-Trent (which is where the best beer is brewed!)
Jupiter at a 50s American Diner in GB
Jowett Jupiter at a 50s American Diner in GB

Greg Jackson getting ready for the 2017 Drive-It-Day (23rd April)
Jowett Jupiter on Drive-it-Day 2017

In the centre of the town of Peer, Belgium, every Thursday in the summer months there is a meeting of classic cars
which they refer to as "oldtimers". Below is the Easter 2017  "Cars and Coffee" meeting
where Jaak Jacobs and his lovely red Jupiter wished all Facebook readers a Happy Easter
Cars & Coffee meeting in belgium

This exciting and important Jupiter is advancing to completion, under the auspces of Graham Berry.
It is reckoned to be the first privately-owned Jupiter,
its then owner being Sir Hugh Bell, the father of racing man Derek Bell.
Jowett Jupiter under restoration

Per Wiik in Norway has made great strides in restoring his Jupiter.
His aim was to have it ready for the 2017 Classic Car Show Norway
which was in Oslo from 29th April to 1st May. well done Per !!

Jowett Jupiter restoration nearly done

Trevor Hartley has found this birthday card at a Garden Centre near him! At Stourbridge, West Midlands...
But - it was found in 2017 - and it is not until the year 2020 that the Jupiter celebrates its 70th !

Birthday card Jowett Jupiter

The ever-so-keen and talented Jupiter man Jaak Jacobs has alerted me to this photo of the
Richard Gane/John Arnold Jupiter racing at the Masters Historic Spa Francorchamps
on 17th September 2016. Photo Lucien Harmegnies
Jowett Jupiter at 2016 Spa historics

The New Zealand Jowett club Newsletter Flat Four of Feb/March 2017 tells is that a film has been
made there, called West Of Eden
which has three Jowetts in it including the Jupiter of Bunty Condon - It is her Jupiter in this image:-

Jowett Jupiter in film "West of Eden"

Thanks to Al Gregg a website of
"Take to the Road" told us about Jowett Jupiters and the
amazing Jupiter Mk2 creation of Allan Fishburn
Those familiar with the Edmund Nankivell book on the Special-bodied Jowett Jupiter will know something
of this fine running car. If you don't have the book - buy it now!

Here are two images of a very rough Jupiter found in Virginia, USA in 2016. Yes it has been saved,
imported to GB by our hero Graham Berry and put through a good restoration.
Jowett Jupiter very rough ex-USA
Jowett Jupiter very rough ex-USA in GB for restoration

Jowett Jupiters in NZ 2016
Jowett Jupiters in NZ in 2016
Above: two images from New Zealand where of course it is springtime! November 2016 in NZ !

Below: Here are two images of the Jupiter that Roger and Kim Chaplin acquired a year ago (Nov 2015).
They imported it to GB. It had an excellent restoration
 by Californian Scott Renner. Shown here at Tenterden KESR station in the summer of 2016.
KESR = Kent and East Sussex Railway. It is a top-class preservation steam railway!
Kim Chaplin, on the right, is the main driver of the Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter now in GB well restored by Scott Renner
Jowett Jupiter in GB well-restored by Scott Renner
Here Colin Marshall is working on two Jupiters: his road car (left) and his racing Jupiter (right). Photos from Dave Stimpson
Jowett Jupiter well-restored
Jowett Jupiter chassis restored

Here below is Shane Alce taking his Jupiter up the Firle Hillclimb (also known as the Bo-Peep Hillclimb,
the not quite half a mile climb of the Bo Peep hill)
The East Sussex Bo Peep hill is a mile from Selmeston and 4 miles from Firle - maybe in antiquity some South Downs sheep went missing there!
The run on 20th September 2016 was to commemorates and re-start its 1949 to 1967 timed ascent
into the highly scenic South Downs.
Jowett Jupiter om BoPeep hillclimb 2016
Jowett Jupiter on BoPeep hillclimb 2016

The September 2016 main Jupiter Owners Auto Club meeting was at Buxton.
There were 15 Jupiters in attendance but more Jupiter owners.
We were blessed by good weather and a beautiful scenic run throuth the Peak District National Park
with many lovely unspoiled villages
Here is an image from outside the hotel where most of us stayed.
Spares-man John Powter inspects the Richard Gane road Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter at Holiday Inn Buxton 2016

Well, the July 2016's Le Mans Classic has been and gone. The Richard Gane/John Arnold  Jupiter in 
Plateau 2 did well.
The Plateau is the car's age group (1949 to 1956) not engine size.
There was also a class for drum-braked cars of up to 1500cc
There were three 6-lap races - the Jupiter averaged a good 81mph in all of them.
Clicking in and out of overgrive top enabled the high-powered 120+ mph Jupiter to out-accelerate TR2s and Morgans.
In Race 1 the Jupiter placed 10th on "Index of Performance" which takes into acocunt engine size.
In Race 2 it placed 29th overall from 58 finishers
only 3 places behind
Richard Thorne who had abandoned his Jupiter for his 2-litre 1954 Morgan Plus 4.
In Race 3 they placed 29th, well ahead of Richard Thorne at 52nd who had a bad third race.
The Jupiter was placed a very good 9th in the Index of Performance rating covering the three races,
with Richard Thorne only 40th thanks to his poor Race 3.
The Jupiter's class position was a very well-earned class win!
In one event the top speed of the Jupiter was timed at 111mph,
while Richard Thorne could only manage 106mph in his Morgan
These three images show the Jupiter out-performing a nominally faster car on a bend:-
Jowett Jupiter at Le Mans 2016
Jowett Jupiter at Le Mans Historic 2016
Jowett Jupiter at historic Le Mans 2016

Just received, this image of the well-running and largely restored  prototype LHD Jupiter, still in North Carolina
but due to move to California some time soon. Driver Theresa - the sister of the late great Ted Miller 
Jowett Jupiter of Theresa Miller in California

Nicked off Facebook, the New Zealander Bunty Condon two-colour Jupiter:-
Jowett Jupiter of Bunty Condon in NZ

2016 May the 1st  at the Black Lion, Patcham, a modest JOAC/JCC meeting this year with 2 Jupiters and a Javelin
but almost a dozen Jowett owners.

Edmund Nankivell was very pleased to receive the award for the book
The Jowett Jupiter, the car That Leaped to Fame
Jowett Jupiter pair at Broghton's Black Lion

Hot news! The 2016 Tour de Yorkshire 3-stage cycle race is from 29th April to 1st May.
There was a number of so-called Ambassadors who are
famous cyclists of earlier times including Bernard Hinault.
A team of 6 Jupiters, in pairs, accompanied the riders on each stage.
Here is a photo sent me by Tony Raine for the Stage 3 of the Tour de Yorkshire
Jowett Jupiter in Tour de Yorkshire

Here is the lovely self-restored Jupiter of
Jaak Jacobs at an old-timer meeting in Belgium.
Jaak is also involved in weekly Oldtimer Cars & Coffee meetings (from April to September)
in the market-place of his Belgium hometown Peer.
Jowett Jupiter at belgian old-car meet

Another well-restored Jupiter back on the road, this one restored by Scott Renner
for Roger and Coleen of California. Scott is in passenger seat:- photos by Coleen
Jowett Jupiter with Scott Renner
Jowett Jupiter restored by Scott Renner

Photo below:- the first owner
of this Jupiter took it to Sierra Leone in 1953, bringing it back in 1957. He used it up to 1964.
Two subsequent owners did some restorative work until Graham Berry got hold of it and turned it into a superb example.
New owner was very well pleased when it was fully restored and ready later in 2016
Jowett Jupiter restored in 2016

Below: Snapped at Honfleur, Normandy, in 2015 after that Jupiter partook of the ANVE Rally that year

Jowett Jupiter in French ANVE rally Honfleur 2015

This Jupiter, below, resident in Yorksire for many years, is now getting a professional 
body-off restoration, still in Yorkshire

Jowett Jupiter under restoration

In 1967-1971 it was owned by Hilditch of 39 Shircoat Rd, Halifax who had bought it for GB Sterling 65 
supposedly from a policemen in Leeds
It was rebuilt with a late type oval crank engine,  rebuilt gearbox,
 oil cooler, raised radiator
and the body was reset by a coachbuilder in Wigan
The car was the subject of an Old Motor article by Hilditch, March-April 1972

General Si Mike Jackson Jowett Jupiter former owner

Above, General Sir Mike Jackson in younger days. He has just co-signed a letter of top army men saying 
Brexit would be very harmful to the UK's security.

He owned a Jupiter 1968 to 1975, actually in Nortern Ireland during the IRA insurrection,

and it was seen on TV when an IRA bomb had blown a hole in the barracks revealing the Jupiter. 

A  Jupiter has (January 2016) arrived in England from California 
where is was very well indeed restored by Scott Renner.

Left: as found.   Right: on arrival in the UK.   Below: this image gives an idea of the high quality restoration

Jowett Jupiter as found
Jowett Jupiter after restoration

Jowett Jupiter chassis front restored

Dave Burrows (below) reports from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that December 2015 weather is unseasonably warm...
and in addition to some rounds of golf he has been driving his classic Morgan and his Jupiter:-

Jowett Jupiter in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 2015

October 2015: from Louisiana after a junkyard in Texas, Marvin in Alabama has rescued this 
Jupiter Project.
Good luck, Marvin
Jowett Jupiter for restoration
Jowett Jupiter for restoration

Scott Renner sent these images (and more!) of an excellent Jupiter he restored no so long ago and he put up for sale in California: NB it is RHD
Yes it was bought and came to Britain
Jowett Jupiter well restored
Jowett Jupiter well restored

Another nice Jupiter on the road, well done the Jacksons!
Jowett Jupiter restored and running 2016

The Jupiter Owners Auto Club
September 2015 big weekend has been and gone.
Here are some of the Jupiters that were present at Lincoln.
Another really good happenning was:- we were visited by Scott Renner and Jim Miller from California!
So great to see you guys again!
Jowett Jupiter at a JOAC meeting
Jowett Jupiters at a 2015 JOAC meeting
Here we have, at Lincoln, L to R: John Blaze, Edmund Nankivell and Scott Renner
Jowett Jupiter owners at a 2015 JOAC meeting

Vic Boddy sent me this from France, it shows the very fast Jupiter of Jacky Gruz,
one of about 200
vehicules de collection but
2000 vehicles and about 3000 visiters to Aix-les-Bains in the Rhone Alps.
It was on the esplanade of Lake Bourget.

Jowett Jupiter at Aix Les Bains in 2015

The Betteridges sent me this photo taken at a classic car event in the town square of Ilkeston,
Derbyshire August 2015.
They won the 
Best Historic Sports Car trophy against tough opposition from Healeys, Triumphs and the like.
Jowett Jupiter

Angela and Stephen Holroyd drove their lovely bronze Jupiter to France for the annual
Randonees des Trois Vallees 3/4-day classic car rally in northern France at the end of May 2015
Classic car Rally France 2015

 Richard Gane, his Jupiter, and other Jupiters racing, where shown on the youtube website
He raced for the Woodcote Trophy at the Silverstone Classic of 2015.

Another image from Facebook somewhere. Jaak Jacobs, a superb Jupiter owner/restorer, with one of his two Jupiters
Jowett Jupiter with fighter jet plane

The Mrs Cira Aalund Jupiter at a rally in Denmark 2015, with interesting neighbour!
Nicked from Ib Rasmussen's Facebook page
Jowett Jupiter in Denmark 2015

Recently-knighted actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen aboard the Jonathan Root excellent Jupiter.
Photo 22 May 2015 from
Jowett Jupiter with 2 actors

The Jowett Car Club GB of May 2015 rally has been and gone. This image is from Tony Jackson
Jowett Jupiters at JCC Rally 2015

This Jupiter with novel tail lighting has appeared on Facebook, it is Australian, domiciled in Victoria
It has some interesting mods including downdraught SU carbs and a Ford 3.23:1 diff with 15-inch wheels.
Jowett Jupiter in Australia

And this Jupiter (below) ex-Australia, imported 2013 to Holland and then sold to Germany,
in April 2015 was in an auction in Essen, Germany,
with the asking price in Euros equivalent to GB Sterling 34,400. It did not sell but its owner still wanted it sold
Jowett Jupiter at Essen auction April 2015

The most excellent brilliantly organised 2015 Dutch Rally came  and went with so many good memories.
A total of 14 Jupiters made the trip to Schoorl, north Holland. Here are three images
Jowett Jupiter inHolland 2015

Bulb fields in full bloom!! And five Jupiters!!
Jowett Jupiter at Dutch bukb field April 2015

Eight Jupiters came from GB, these three are from Denmark, Belgium and Holland
Jowett Jupiters in Holland April 2015

Down under now, nicked off Facebook. The Brian Holmes Jupiter at the wedding of Neil Moore stepdaughter Jacqui
Jowett Jupiter wedding car in NZ

Andrew Henshal reports that the Australian Wylie single-seater special, the gorgeous fastest ever Jowett-powered
vehicle was  remaining for sale with the right offers still awaited, as of May 2015.

Wylie Jowett Javelin-powered single-seater for sale

This Jupiter below now in Norway (since 1997 when it moved there from GB)
owned by Per Wiik has been undergoing serious restoration
Chassis largely done with engine rebuilt and converted to lead-free operation.
Bodywork  gets the attention it needs, see images below.
Jowett Jupiter bonnet being restored
Jowett Jupiter B-post being restored
Photo above right: Door B-post under restoration

Jowett Jupiter in NZ to be restored
Jowett Jupiter in NZ to be restored
Above: Ian Hingston in New Zealand has bought for restoration this Jupiter stored for well-nigh 40 years

Jowett Jupiter at Angouleme France
Jowett Jupiter at Angouleme France
Above - two views of the Mike Chevers Jupiter at the Cafe Chaud, Angouleme, France
during the September 2014 Circuit des Rampart classic car race.
Thanks to Graham Austin for the photos, he was there also!

Jowett Jupiter restored
Jowett Jupiter in Hungary 2015
Above left: Richard Keil with his recently-completed Jupiter restoration. Above right: ex-UK Jupiter in Hungary in good running order, photo thanks to the efforts of Chris Freudenberg

The unique twin-cam cylinder-heads, designed for the Javelin-Jupiter engine by Paul Emeryson,
were coming up for sale in Australia.
Here they are mounted on a Javelin crankcase
Jowett Javelin/Jupiter twin-cam cylinder heads

Below: Colin Marshall has been making great strides with restoring his road-going Jupiter
Jowett Jupiter to be restored Jowett Jupiter body-frame restored

and here it is nearing completion, November 2014:-
Jowett Jupiter nearly restored

The October 2014 Australian Jowett Newsletter has these images of the Richard Mead Jupiter of Frank Choate
and the bronze standard Jupiter of Tim Kelly which were on the Bay to Birdwood classic car run
Jowett Jupiter Richard Mead body, in Australia

A long-time friend of Jupiter-man Alastair Gregg does body repairs for a living.
The little ex fair-ground Austin (valued at 3,500 GB Sterling) was rebuilt for his four-year-old son

Jowett Jupiter with ex-fairground Austin toy

The big event for the 2014 Jupiter Owners Auto Club was at Great Dunmow, Essex, September 17th - 18th. 

It was a great success!

These photos of some of the Jupiters were taken by Scott Thompson of Black Hat Photography

Lowett Jupiter line-up in 2014 at Great Dunmow

Jowett Jupiter line-up includes R4 Jupiter

Below is Richard Gane's racing Jupiter, seen at the UK Oulton Park circuit 24th August 2014, 

with its bonnet able to be especially wide open!

Jowett Jupiter wide-open bonnet

Jowett Jupiter fixed-head coupe Jowett Jupiter Fixed-head coupe

Above: The very presentable Coachcraft of Egham Fixed-head Coupe Jupiter that won a race at Goodwood in 1954

Image on the right taken about 1970, shows faired-in reversing light.

It was owned (but never run) by John Surtees 1990 to 2012. It came up for auction on 4th September 2014 at Silverstone

It went for 38,525 quid which must have been a record for a Jupiter then! It seems to have gone to a French buyer but underwent long-term restoration by a classic car specialist in Twickenham Middlesex.

Here is an image of Ib Rasmussen racing his Jupiter in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix 2/3 August 2014

Jowett Jupiter racing in Copenhagen GP Aug 2014

The 2014 Le Mans Classic was from Friday July 4th to Sunday 6th,

There were two yes two! Jupiters racing there: Richard Gane's blue Jupiter (65) 

and the green Jupiter (59) of Morgan man Richard Thorne with Roger Whiteside.

Jowett Jupiter at Le Mans Classic 2014
Jowett Jupiter at Le Mans Classic 2014

Here below is an image of the Richard Thorne green Jupiter at Le Mans, 4th July 2014, next to the Richard Gane blue Jupiter. Photo Bob Marshall via Stephen Holroyd

Jowett Jupiter of Richard Thorne at Le Mans Classic 2014

Here below is an image of the Richard Gane very fast Jupiter, racing at Silverstone in 2013:-

Jowett Jupiter racing at Silverstone 2013

Nicked from the June 2014 The Javelin which is the excellent Australian Jowett Club magazine. Interesting photographer!

Jowett Jupiter if Brian Holmes in Australia

At least five Jupiters attended the GB Jowett Car Club gathering at Barnard Castle in Durham, end of May 2014

Jowett Jupiters visit Bowes Museum
Jowett Jupiters visit Bowes Museum in 2014

Here are some of them outside the Bowes Museum at Newgate, Barnard Castle.

Photo (right) thanks to Peter Tribble, he of the  lovely dark blue Jupiter, and Angus Bell (left) he of the two-tone grey Jupiter

Richard Gane was in action at Silverstone 17th May 2014 at another FISCAR International trohpy meeting.

He picked up another trophy for his fast and precise driving.

Left: dicing with Chris Gawne's Lancia Aurelia.                       Right: with trophy awarded after the race

Jowett Jupiter Rich. Gane with Lancia Aurelia
Jowett Jupiter racer Richard Gane with Trophy Silverstone

A very nice standard Jupiter in full running order (see image below) sold in auction on 29th April 2014 

by Barons  Classic Car auctioneers

Jowett Jupiter at auction in 2014


This Jupiter (below) imported from Australia where it had done good things in the hands of various owners 

such as Best Classic at the 2009 Targa Tasmania

It turned up this March (24th to 30th) at the 2014 Classic Car show at Essen, Germany. Photo Jaak Jacobs

Jowett Jupiter at Essen Classic Car Show 2014


A very careful Jupiter restoration under way in Bury-St-Edmunds, Suffolk, England, by Colin Marshall 

and his friend Nigel Hamlin Wright

Jowett Jupiter under restoration 2014

Some Danish princes admire the Ib Rasmussen Jupiter in between indulging in some slot-car racing with the lads

Jowett Jupiter admired by Danish princes




This is the superbly restored Jupiter of Jean Carlos Macchia of Brazil.

Its owner knows of three other Jupiters in Brazil, at least two of them in rough condition.

Jowett Jupiter restored in Brazil

Also in Brazil, the sharp-eyed Richard van Buul had spotted on a You-Tube website, amongst a huge number of barn-stored wrecks of cars, an image of a Jupiter. Eight Jupiters were sold new to Brazil of which three were red and one was copper.

One of the red Jupiters is believed to have gone to California around 1953 as its engine has turned up there.

Jowett Jupiter wreck seen in Brazil in 2008

The film by the famous Flemish film-maker Stijn Coninx called Marina,

about the true life of the singer/accordionist Rocco Granata...

...has received its first showing in Montreal (28th August 2013). 

The Jupiter of Jaak Jacobs appears in the background in a scene.

Colin Marshall had aimed to have his lightweight Jupiter ready for Classic Le Mans 2014.

Here is an image of its instrument panel:-

Jowett Jupiter's racing instrument panel

Below:- some Jupiters and their owners at the JOAC meeting at Sywell Aerodrome September 2013.

Spot the Richard Mead Jupiter in two of these images! The rainbow is authentic!

Jowett Jupiters at Sywell Sept 2013

Jowett Jupiters at Sywell Sept 2013
Jowett Jupiters at Sywell Sept 2013

Here is an interesting Le Mans 1950 model Jupiter available in 1:43 scale

Jowett Jupiter model of Le Mans GKW 111


A very smart but somewhat special standard Mk1 Jupiter was auctioned at Brooklands on 31 Aug 2013. It has roll-over bars and a clip-on hood but has been thoroghly restored with historic rallying in mind.

Hammer price was GB quid 20,160 and it was for sale again at a dealer in the New Forest. 

Now bought by a German enthusiast

Some Jupiters and other Jowetts gathered at Titsey House near Croydon on 25th August 2013 as part of a run to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Southern Jowett Car Club in this very area. Yes that early blue Jowett has its Dickey seat set!

Jowett cars at Titsey House

Here is a report of two Jupiters racing at Silverstone on 16th June 2013.

                                It was the FiSCaR Fifties Sports Racing Car Event ...FiSCaR - 

                                 Keeping the spirit of 1950s sports car racing alive

Jowett Jupiter racing at Silvewrstone in 2013
Jowett Jupiter racing at Silverstone in 2013

Richard Gane started 18th and finished 14th and the Jupiters were awarded the Team Prize. John Arnold (red overalls) drove the ex-Frank Wooley car LBY 254. Richard in the appropriate blue overalls with their mechanic Dave Harris. Right; Richard at Copse Corner

Inevitably some niggles showed up but that was what it was about. Photos Craig Ainge

Over in New Zealand now, for the Brass Monkey Trial at Hampton Down (yes it's winter there!)

Neil Moore was the winner of Trial 1

Jowett Jupiter wins classic car winter trial in NZ

The Wilton Classic and Supercar Show (4th August 2013) came and went. Pat Lockyer and his splendid Farina Jupiter attracted a lot of attention, as did this Rolls Royce bodied by the renowned Paris coachbuilder Hernri Binder. Wilton House is the ancient family home of my Lords Pembroke. Also present was the ex-Ringo Starr Facel Vega, also by a French coachbuilder.

Jowett Jupiter Farina at Wilton Classic 4/8/2013
Jowett Jupiter Farina at Wilton Classic 4/8/2013
Rolls Royce with French coachwork
Wilton House Folly


Here below is the prototype LHD Jupiter, which was required by Angell Motors of Pasadena 

and shipped to them in February 1951

It is clearly a RHD model converted to LHD by the Jowett factory before shipment. A careful ongoing restoration took place in South Carolina

Jowett Jupiter in restoration

There was a  photoshoot (see below) of the Edmund & Ghislaine Nankivell Jupiters at Hassocks, Sussex, 

on 22 July 2013 by Mike Taylor

for an article he is doing for Classic Car Weekly in his series Forgottem Heroes

Jowett Jupiter of Ed Nankivell in photoshoot
Jowett Jupiters of Ed Nankivell in photoshoot

Below: Classics at Sherborne Castle, Dorset was on 21st July 2013. 

Pat Lockyer drove the prototype Jupiter there

and it attracted a lot of interest not surprisingly!

Jowett Jupiter prototype in action

Here below is another racing Jupiter under preparation. Colin Marshall reports as of July 2013 

that the body panels are being worked on.

Jowett Jupiter being restored for racing


Here are two images showing some of the 20 Jupiters that came to Jowett Car Club UK Basingstoke meeting 25th May 2013

Jowett Jupiters at a JCC UK mtg 2013

Jowett Jupiters at a JCC UK mtg 2013

There is (or was?)  a website by Kip Motors of Dallas showing a difficult Jupiter restoration which they superbly carried out

                                              Here is a recent image of the Richard Mead Jupiter of Ivan Paul in New Zealand

Jowett Jupiter Richard Mead in NZ

Below: two images taken by Bas de Bruijn at Zolder (April May 2013) showing Jaak Jacobs in action 

in his well-restored Jowett Jupiter

Jowett Jupiter at Zolder before the race 2013
Jowett Jupiter at Zolder  racing in 2013

Below: another Jupiter back on the road after a long lay-up and a 5-year restoration. 

Well done John Walters of Anglesey. Windscreen soon to be fitted.

Jowett Jupiter in Anglesey in 2013


Yes some Jupiters still have trafficators! This photo was taken at the Black Lion Patcham, Nr Brighton on 5th May 2013

Jowett Jupiter with trafficator working

At the 2013 Bristol Classic Car Show that April, the Pat Lockyer Stabilimenti Farina Jupiter took the Car of the Show award

beating the Pininfarina Lancia into second place. Left: Pat and winning Farina Jupiter. Right: second-placed Lancia Farina

Jowett Jupiter Farina-body is best car of the show
Pininfarina Lancia is next-best car of the show

The Alf Thomas special-bodied Jupiter, having done some Mille Miglia retros, is now 
(April 2013) residing in the Museo Mille Miglia
address:- Viale della Bornato, 123, 25135  S. Eufemia Province of Brescia, Italy.

Jowett Jupiter in Italian museum
Jowett Jupiter in Mille Miglia Retro

Here below is an image of the Richard Gane Jupiter, this one taken in April 2013, of his Jupiter being prepared for racing

He hopes to be racing it this summer!

Jowett Jupiter in 2013 prepared for racing

On 8th April 2013 Kiyondo Sato arrived at the Edmund Nankivell home with his truly delightful 1925 Delage. 

The red Willment FHC  special-bodied Jupiter of Edmund is also in the photos.

(oh, Kiyondo was then the owner of the ex-John Surtees Coachcraft FHC Jupiter, which was in work)

Delage of 1925
Jowett Jupiter FHC with Delage



           One of the best films with a Jupiter is Alain Delon's first film, made in 1957 Quand la femme s'en mele 

On Youtube complete with the engine sound we know so well! thanks to Youtube and a Russian enthusiast

It is clear that Alain Delon is indeed himself driving the Jupiter very well.


Still on the subject of Jupiters in films, the 1959 "The Roadracers" includes a climactic cameo appearance of a Jupiter in the closing scenes where the hero

drives his neat special over a cliff. The Jupiter is the stand-in for this piece of action. 

Many thanks to Andy Stevens for finding it in the internet

For more, read the book The Jowett Jupiter, a Car for Road, Rally and Race by Edmund Nankivell. 

Here is the image from "The Roadracers":-

Jowett Jupiter in the "Roadracer" film


Below: From Australia: fibreglass bodied Jupiter Chassis 24 is seen here moving towards the land of the living.

The photo is courtesy Ed Wolf taken early 2013. Braking is now full hydraulic, engine is in work 

and an overdrive is to be fitted.

Jowett Jupiter Special Body in Australia

Two Jupiters in work in East Sussex, visited on 13th March 2013.

Left: Orchard Restorations with Stephen Holroyd's Jupiter.

Right: Nutley Sports & Prestige Centre with Kiyondo Sato's ex-John Surtees Jupiter under an Alvis

Jowett Jupiter at restoration workshop 2013Jowett Jupiter at restoration workshop 2013

The Ace Cafe - the famous North-east London Rally & Race and motor-bike meeting place. 

1st January 2013 Chris Freudenberg and his Jupiter were there!

Photos Chris Freudenberg

Jowett Jupiter at the ACE caf� in 2013

Hendon RAF Museum, also on 2013 New year's day. It is the Javelin of Dr Shirlaw, and the Chris Freudenberg Jupiter. 

Dr Shirlaw and Dennis Sparrow are on the right in the photo

Jowetts at RAF Hendon museum 2013

Found, a 1953 image of a Jupiter racing at Reeves Field Airforce base, Los Angeles, USA 

from the book Runways and Racers by Terry O.Neill:--

Jowett Jupiter racing in the USA in 1953

Here is another image just surfaced of tight racing at Reeves airfield in 1953; 

the Jupiter of Cal Marks is just ahead of an MG:--

Jowett Jupiter racing in the USA in 1953


Someone liked the Edmund book, saying "... I have enjoyed reading your brilliant book on the Special Bodied Jupiters. 

You made a great job of it and I enjoyed the background to the builders

(more then I thought I would) and then what happened to the various cars throughout their life..."

The Edmund Nankivell very well received  book on the Special-bodied Jupiters is available, click here to read more and how to get your very own copy.

A reader has this to say "...the time and research you have put into it makes it an essential addition to the Jowett catalogue of publications.

Congratulations on an easy to read and informative publication".

And Nick Geotgano writes "want to say how much I have enjoyed it. The fascinating field could not have been covered more comprehensively, and entertainingly as well".


Michael Ware, in Classic & Sports Car February 2012, wrote "Edmund Nankivell has researched the whole variety of coachbuilt specials created on these marvellous Bradford cars...a remarkable 200-page record of 40 years research"




On the seventh hour, of the seventh day

of the seventh month the seven doctors say

he'll be born for good luck, and that you see

The Special-bodied Jupiter book by Edmund Nankivell is out, click here 

 with apologies to the great Muddy Waters blues singer a.k.a. McKinley Morganfield


The University of Bradford is pleased to announce the
Benjamin Jowett Memorial Scholarship for undergraduate
students. Seven such Scholarships will be awarded to
students entering the Mechanical and Medical Engineering
Department to study Mechanical, Manufacturing or
Automotive Engineering. The value of the Scholarship is
�500 and will be awarded for academic excellence on admission to the first year.
The fund is in the memory of the late Benjamin Jowett who founded the
Jowett Car Company in Bradford back in 1906.


Gluttons for yet more chit-chat about Jupiters might wish to jump to the Magazine overflow page1, or to 2002 to 2005, or to 2005 to 2008.

The Jowett Car Club now has its own website

Well, there WAS a website, in fact there is again such a website. But there wasn't much on it last time I looked. It was devoted to an American clothing mill of the name Jowett Garment Factory based in El Monte, California. Here was one of their products being modelled: visit

Jowett garment Factory in the USA

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