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Jowett  Jupiter

sports car?

Seventy years on - more than half of all production still exists!

Bienvenu, Welcome, friends, to the Home Page of the Jowett Jupiter, as a sports car one of the best of the early nineteen fifties. Discover a little of its history, its motor sporting successes, books, who is campaigning their Jupiter today many decades after the Jupiter era...

Friend: having reached this tiny outpost on the world-wide web, why not take a little time to read about the life and times of this unusual and rare classic car? What some would call a sportcar or even an antique car - only in the very best sense of the word of course!

       But:- this website is pure Nankivell not Jowett Jupiter !!

Check out these books on Jupiters and Jowetts.

This website has been on the net since 1996. This makes it easily the oldest site devoted to any aspect of Jowett cars. Some say it is still the best!!

The book on the Jowett Jupiter by Edmund Nankivell is still available. Low cost, high quality, and authoritative, it is a MUST for anyone interested in the car. Click here for details of how you may purchase it.

Another book has arrived!

Yes, a book (published by Crowood) covers the complete story of the Javelin and Jupiter. Scroll down a bit to find it.

Research has produced MUCH NEW material but it does NOT render obsolete "The Car for Road Rally and Race".

I would like to extend a special welcome to all visitors who bear the name Jowett: I hope you all find it of interest. In fact, I have included a small section on the family of the the company's founders, William Jowett and Benjamin Jowett, and a small number of their descendants.

This site is devoted to the last model produced by the august former car-builder from Yorkshire, England:


��  Jowett Jupiter   ��

English sports car.

The author of this website is Edmund Nankivell, of Sussex, England. He has owned Jupiters since 1967. He has written books on the Jupiter, Special-bodied Jupiters, co-authored a book on Jowett Cars Ltd,  and had published a number of articles for specialised heritage car magazines. He has co-authored (with Geoff McAuley) a book on the Javelin and Jupiter - with much much much new material!

Motor on in to read all about it!

Other makes of car with similar names to Jowett include Jewel made in Bradford, Yorkshire by John E. Wood between 1921 and 1933.
and of course Jewett built in the USA between 1922 and 1926 by the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company of Detroit Michigan.


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"Vot do you mean it's illegal?", asks the German driver.

"Quattro means-a four", replies the Italian official.

"Qvattro is just ze name of ze automobile" the Germans retort unbelievingly "Look at ze papers: zis car is designt to kerry 5 persons."

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The German driver replies angrily, "You idiot! Call your zupervisor over - I vant to speak to somevone viz more intelligence!"

"Sorry" responds the Italian official, "He can't-a come. He's-a busy with two guys in a Fiat Uno."

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